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Every time I pass the mirror

I recognize myself a little less

Sure I can talk all day bout changing

And afterwords my mouth will need a rest

So tell me what's a girl to do

My words aren't forming actions like they used to

I wish that I was more like you

Maybe I could live excuses for my life too

Every time that we're together

I realize you smile a little less

And in your eyes I see the worry

I wish you loved me when I'm not my best

So tell me what's a girl to do

Forevers not as long as it had once been

And though you know I still love you

You can't make your heart just feel the way it used to

And so I'll use my tears to wipe away all my regrets

Because I know it's my own fault

All these wasted years

There's no one else to blame but me

And all the better things that I could be

Dear Younger Me.

Dear Younger Me.