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Only Child of a Single Parent

When you are the only child

Of a single parent

Who is an only child

You spend a lot of time focusing on your grades

Because that will make them happy

And when they ask why you got a 97 and not a 100

You fall over yourself

Promising to do better next time

You realize


That doing things for yourself

For YOUR future

Because YOU want to

Is better

When it means going against what they say

They'll tell you, you're wrong

And the first time you hear that

You'll believe them

Until one day

You wake up

And you don't

And nothing they say

Can stop you from being who you are

You wish you had a sibling

When you're little

To share space with

To be less alone

But as each question becomes an accusation

And every action you take reminds them of your father

Sending you spinning into self-doubt

Because nobody else could ever make you feel this way

You thank the stars

Nobody else has to go through this

Because in the same way

You can buy a latte

And feel it sliding down your throat

As you contemplate spending the holidays alone

You can feel the resentment

Bouncing around in your chest

Looking for a place to stick

As you resist and fight against it

Not letting it win

Because when you are the only child

Of a single parent

Who is an only child

You are all they have

I want to be understood

I want to be understood