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Silly Words

Silly Words

Silly words are softly swaying 

Heavy in my heart

And I heed my hesitation

And leave them there unpicked

Untouched yes they're unbountiful

Unspoken not untrue

They stem from these emotions

That I fail to express

Soon, well I'll be seeing you

And I can look you in the eye

And I can languidly explain

That I don't love you

Except you'll know that it's a lie

Because I’m not boring

But I’m not brave

And brilliant you can do better

Than this

Sure beauty’s in the eye of the beholder

But you won’t be holding me

I miss the million moments

Where we almost were


Remembering my rapid rationale

To justify just joking it away

Today is far too soon to tell

And tomorrow

Tomorrow always takes too long



Please, not like you.